About Us

We specialize in FileMaker and Responsive Web Tools development


Our Goals

Treasure Chest Solutions design and develop "Custom Software" as an escape form the bloatware that exists in "Off the Shelf" products.
Custom software is lighter and easier to learn, incorporating only the features required, without the need to pay for unwanted elements. New features can always be added later when they become required.


Our History

Treasure Chest solutions began in 1985, when the original FileMaker product was introduced. By 1992, it was clear the internet & web were moving from an interchange of ideas and data between Scientists and Universities to the general population. New and emerging technologies have always been a part of our development strategies. Now with the Internet of Things, AI, Robotics...we stand prepared to embrace the changes in software development 

Our experience from every project and technological advancement has helped our clients achieve greater efficiencies, faster time-to-revenue, and lower overall development costs.

St. James
Winnipeg, MB

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