Head Start - Royalties Module (on premise)

Stock Number: HS-RM-2020-002
Category: Claris FileMaker / Custom Desktop Solutions
Manufacturer: Treasure Chest Solutions

Automated Royalties

We Track:  
• Current Sales & Royalties 
• Previous Unpaid Balances 
• Deductions 
• Historical Sales, Royalties, Deductions...

While you focus on the business of publishing, we automate the process of producing  the Author Royalty Statements. 

Options include:  
• Unlimited Co-authors 
• Author Min. Payment Amt. 
• Designated Payees  
(Authors can choose to donate all or any part of Royalties for any Title) 
• Buy-Ins 

Authors & Titles

Option A: Automation 
If you already have a solution for tracking the life cycle of new books including the authors, we can link both solutions, where one click will transfer select Author(s) and Title(s) to the HS Royalties Module

Option B: Individually 
• Add the Author(s) 
• Add the Title(s) 
• Add the Author(s) to a Title

Get into the Sales

Import Sales from a variety of Distributors: 
HS Royalties includes a process to import sales from excel documents provided by many Distibutors and Online Sales sites 

Customize Sales Imports in various formats: 
HS Royalties can be customized to import from other text based output like XML, JSON, directly from other databases or via the vendor supplied API. 

Local Sales: 
Local Sales can be entered directly into HS Royalties or  from a text based format like an online form or even a spreadsheet. 


On to the Royalties

Create Royalties from Sales: 
The process will automatically enter every Sale within a specified Date Range. 

What if the Author, Title or Sales data was wrong: 
• Forgot to change the Author address, Title Royalty %, or an error in Sales...! 

No problem, the Royalties Module was built to be re-useable in case the Statements expose an error. This way the Royalties can be created as often as needed until all errors have been corrected. 

• Specific record(s) can be omitted 
• Buy-Ins can be omitted "en masse" 
• Author Statements can be viewed individually


Royalties Statements

Royalty Statements are automatically produced as PDFs and the files are placed in a folder of the desktop called "Royalty Statements".  

Option 1: 
Generate Royalty Statements (only) produces PDFs of every Author Statement without emailing them. 

Option 2: 
Generate Royalty Statements (with email) produces PDFs of every Author Statement attached in an email, if the Author has elected to receive the Statements by email.