JS Extended Rich Text Editor Pro Add-on (for FileMaker)

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JS Extended Rich Text Editor Pro Add-On for FileMaker

The JS Extended RT Editor Pro is elegant and simple to use on FileMaker text fields.

As an Add-on, JS Extended RT Editor Pro provides a single point of Administration for integration and configuration into any FM 19 solution.




• JS Extended RT Editor Pro Add-on (for FileMaker) has been tested with FileMaker 19 for PC & Mac and on Local & FM Server installs

• Be advised that an install on AWS has not been successfully tested to date and refunds are not available for downloaded products

• Open source code includes:
    - jQuery v3.5.1 | (c) JS Foundation and other contributors |

JS Extended Rich Text Editor Pro (FileMaker Add-on)
• The Javascript Series •


• Extended RT Editor Pro Add-on provides Admin features including:
     - View HTML
     - Undo / Redo
     - Formatting (Paragraph / Quote / Headers H1-H4)
     - Bold / Italics / Strikethrough
     - Fonts (Arial, Helvetica...)
     - Text Size (Small / Regular / Large / Custom)
     - Text Colour / Text Background Colour
     - Text Align (Left / Centre / Right / Justify)
     - Lists (Unordered / Ordered)
     - Superscript / Subscript
     - Insert Table (multiple column and row selection)
     - Insert Special Characters / Emojis
     - Insert Links / Remove Links
     - Insert Image (URL / Base64)
     - Insert Audio
     - Insert Horizontal Rule (horiz. line)
     - Line Height (Small / Regular / Large / Extra Large)
     - Remove Formatting