JS Menu Tree Add-on Pro (for FileMaker)

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JS Menu Tree Pro Add-on for FileMaker

Elegant and simplified, JS Menu Tree Navigation provides a single point of Administration, eliminating the need for fields, scripts, calculations, variables or any standard FileMaker design process.

The Menu Tree Add-on Admin has features for creating or editing Menu Label Names, nesting labels, selecting Layouts from a drop menu and re-arranging the order of labels by dragging.

Styles include settings for sizes and colour of Backgrounds, Fonts, Icons, Borders...

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• JS MenuTree Add-on Pro (for FileMaker) has been tested with FileMaker 19 for PC & Mac and on Local & FM Server installs

• Open source code includes:
    - jQuery v3.5.1 | (c) JS Foundation and other contributors |
    - Font Awesome Free 5.15.1
    - Icons: CC BY 4.0, Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1, Code: MIT License

• Important:
    -  do not alter the downloaded filenames
    - ensure FileMaker filenames do not have more than a single period
        ~ i.e. will cause the Add-On to fail

JavaScript Menu Tree (FileMaker Add-on)
• The Javascript Series •


• The Menu Tree Add-on Pro provides Admin features including
     - Menu Tree Label settings (aka Items)
     - Menu Tree UI settings (aka Styles)
     - Navigation choices
          ~ on-click (go to selected layout | to expand nested labels)
          ~ on-mouseover (labels will expand & contract automatically)

• Options include:
     - Items
          ~ create New, Edit, Delete Labels & Icons (Main/Parent & Nested/Child items)
          ~ set Colour for Icons (able to search for icons by name)
          ~ drag Labels to rearrange their order

     - Styles
          ~ set Colour, Style, Size for Label Text, ..
          ~ set Thickness, Radius, Colour, Padding for Borders
          ~ set Colour, Style, Size for MouseOver, Active Label
          ~ set Background Colours for Navigation Area & Labels