JS Menu Tree Navigation for FileMaker (with options)

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JavaScript Menu Tree Navigation for FileMaker
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Allows developer to add an accordion style Navigation which has been common on the Web for many years, but not easily implemented in FileMaker till recently.

One script step contains the location where all Menu Trees Labels can be entered as well as the corresponding Filemaker Layouts and the SVG Label Icons

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• Built and tested on FileMaker 19 for PC & Mac

- JS Menu Tree Navigation is functional on both Local & FM Server installs

- may also be useful on FileMaker 17 & 18

JS Menu Tree Navigation for FileMaker
• The Javascript Series •


• The Menu Tree Navigation process is intended to provide the ability to Paste a Menu on any layout

- all Menu Tree Titles and corresponding Layouts & Icons are set in the script InitNavigation JSON FormatElements (line 9)



• Option Selection is located on the Dashboard

~ onClick (default) clicking on the menu tree navigation labels will go to the selected layout

~ onMouseOver/Out (selection from dashboard) the menu tree navigation labels will expand & contract automatically

• Menu Tree Labels (aka Titles) are required, however the corresponding "layout" is allowed to remain "blank" 

~ see menu tree Title "Layout 5" in the InitNavigation script

[ "items[5].title" ; "Layout 5" ; JSONString ] ;

[ "items[5].layout" ; "" ; JSONString ] ;